Mastering Google Hotel Ads: Pricing, Commissions, & More


Google Hotel Ads is a platform developed by Google to help hotels increase their direct bookings as well as improve their presence on search engines. It operates similarly to other metasearch platforms such as Trivago and TripAdvisor by comparing property pricing across various Online Travel Agencies (OTAs).

When a hotel advertises with Google Hotel Ads, its official website appears in the search results. When users click on this link, they will be redirected to the hotel’s website, where they can make a reservation directly via the hotel’s booking system.

Google Hotel Ads

Whenever you click on a hotel shown in the search results on Google Search, you’ll be welcomed to a detailed hotel page that provides the following details:

1. The hotel’s name, rating, address, & contact details are prominently displayed, along with links to visit the hotel’s website or get directions. This section also features customer reviews, key features, and a brief overview of the hotel.

2. A “Check Availability” button leads users to an extensive list of hotel booking alternatives, which are also accessible via the “Prices” tab.

3. The booking section displays plenty of hotel booking options as well as a link to explore more choices, including free booking options in the “All Options” section. Users can adjust the prices based on their preferred check-in and check-out dates. 

4. A filtering feature allows travelers to sort prices based on nightly rates, total nightly expenses, or overall stay costs, offering more insights into the hotel’s pricing and additional charges. This sorting capability is also accessible for all hotel booking options under every “Prices” section.

5. When consumers click on booking links, they are redirected to a dedicated page for the hotel, Online Travel Agent (OTA), or metasearch platform where they can finalize their room reservations. These links can be customized with a small logo & can highlight attractive hotel amenities or features. Clicking on these sponsored links incurs charges, & they are clearly labeled with an “Ads” tag.

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Key Benefits of Google Ads for Hotels

Google Ads offers various advantages to your hotel’s online presence and boosts bookings:

Targeted Reach

Reach out to potential visitors who are actively searching for hotels in your area. Google Advertisements lets you target users based on location, demographics, & specific travel-related keywords, increasing the chance of turning them into guests.

Flexible Pricing 

Adjust your hotel prices based on demand and traveler schedules. This dynamic pricing helps maximize revenue during busy periods and maintains occupancy during quieter times, improving profitability.

Direct Bookings

Guide customers straight to your website for bookings, simplifying the process for them and avoiding commission fees from third-party sites. This also boosts opportunities for upselling additional services like dining or spa reservations.

Cost-Efficient Advertising

With Google Ads’ pay-per-click (PPC) strategy, you only pay for successful bookings.

Google Hotel Ads Costs

The cost of Google Ads varies depending on ad type, local competition, and targeted keywords. Some services may charge around $30 per month for smaller properties. Google Ads operates on a commission model, in which you set the commission rate for each booking.

How to set up Google Hotel Ads?

Step 1: Register on Google Hotel Center

Begin by signing up for a Google Hotel Center account. This platform lets you control your hotel’s information, prices, and room availability on Google.

Go to and create your Hotel Center account. Input your hotel details, rates, and room descriptions to set up your listing.

Step 2: Set Up Your Hotel Price Feed

After creating your Hotel Center account, set up a price feed to provide Google with the latest rates and room availability for your hotel.

Step 3: Connect Hotel Center to Google Ads

Link your Hotel Center account to Google Ads for managing your ad campaigns.

  1. Go to your Google Ads account and click on ‘Tools & Settings’.
  2. Select ‘Linked accounts’, then ‘Details’ under ‘Google Hotel Center’.
  3. Click the blue ‘+’ button, enter your Hotel Center Account ID, and click ‘Send’. Once accepted, your accounts will be connected.

Step 4: Launch a Hotel Campaign in Google Ads

Now, create a campaign to display your hotel ads.

  1. Log into Google Ads and go to the “Campaigns” section.
  2. Click “New Campaign” and select “Create a campaign without a goal’s guidance”.

Step 5: Set Budget and Bidding

After selecting “Hotel” for your campaign type:

  • Determine your click cost and overall ad budget.
  • Choose a bidding strategy:
    • Commission (per conversion): Pay when a booking is made.
    • Commission (per stay): Pay when the stay is completed.
    • Max CPC bid: Pay for each click; adjust based on various factors like device type and location.
    • Enhanced CPC (ECPC): Automatically adjusts bids for Max CPC.

Step 6: Create Ad Groups and Ads

  • Ad Groups: Group ads by themes or offers, like “Luxury Suites” or “Family Rooms”.
  • Ads: Craft engaging headlines and descriptions. Use quality images and highlight amenities like dining or spa services.
  • Landing Pages: Link ads to relevant pages on your hotel website for a smooth booking process.

Step 7: Monitor and Optimize

Keep an eye on your campaign’s performance:

  • Adjust bids and ad content.
  • Refine targeting settings as needed.

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